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Classic Auto Sound FAQ

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Sorry, no, our radios are designed to work on 12-volt negative grounding systems only. .. read more
A common ground system means the negative (-) speaker wires in your car are connected to a common grounding point on the vehicle chassis, or at another point within the vehicle. Our radios will NOT work on a common ground system. You will need to run new .. read more
Voltage to the radio in not consistent. Using a multi meter be sure both red and yellow wires show at least 12 volts while the car is running and never goes higher than 14.9 volts. Also, be sure the ground (black wire) is connected to a clean metal poi.. read more
Speakers or speaker wiring is grounded. The speaker wiring could be touching the vehicle’s chassis, causing it to be grounded (shorted). If your car has a common grounding speaker system (the speakers in the vehicle use a chassis ground or a common.. read more
The Radio is not getting proper power and grounds. Red (ignition input) Yellow (constant 12-volt input) Both need to be connected for our radios to work properly. Use a multi meter to be sure the red wire has 12 volts while the key is on and the yellow.. read more
Look at the display to see if “TA” appears on the screen. If so press and hold the “MODE” button until it disappears. If the radio does not lock on to any station, check the antenna. .. read more
Yes, with the exception of a few models (KCHV-67, KCHV-68/2, KNOV66/7, KNOV-68/2 and KCAM-67/8), kick-panel can be ordered without speakers. Be sure to check the speaker depth prior to choosing your speaker of choice. Custom Autosound has carefully select.. read more
Yes .. read more
Yes. Custom Autosound radios have RCA pre-outs allowing you to add amp/ amps. .. read more
Yes. The unit will not turn on without the memory wire connected. .. read more
Answer: Yes. But the USA-630 cannot be used with the SXV-300 direct SIRIUS/XM tuner. And adding the hideaway Sirius/XM is not always easy to install in classic Corvettes, Mustangs, T-Birds or any car with limited space behind the dash. However, two option.. read more
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