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AAR 1961-1962 Chevrolet Corvette Wonderbar AM/FM Reproduction Radio with Bluetooth 452201BT

AAR 1961-1962 Chevrolet Corvette Wonderbar AM/FM Reproduction Radio with Bluetooth 452201BT
$1,298.99 ea
NEWARRIVING SOONEstimated Ship Date 02/13/2025 (If Ordered Today)
Model: 1029496
IMPORTANT: Electrical items are covered by a 30 day EXCHANGE ONLY WARRANTY. There are no returns or refunds on such items.
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We are very proud of the radios we produce and believe there is nothing like them on the market. Our attention to detail in creating each model we introduce is appreciated by the most selective owners of classic cars. Each radio is produced with 100% new parts that are custom tooled to match the look, feel and overall appearance of the original radio. You never have to cut or modify a dash to fit our radios in the car it was designed for. When in a dash, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a new original radio and our reproduction.   

The sound performance however is quite different from the original and is considered to be the best in the classic car radio market. 45 Watts per channel allows even the user of a convertible to hear music clearly. We manufacture Dual Voice Coil speakers designed specifically for our radios to give the customer the best sound quality.

AM/FM is available on all our radios even when the original radio was AM-only. Our radios come with options for accessories to be added by using the 3.5mm auxiliary plug in the back of the radio and the extension cable provided with each radio. You can run an IPOD, MP3 player, or Satellite radio. Bluetooth® wireless voice and audio is now a standard feature on all radio models.

NOTE: These radios are custom built per order and take from 8-10 weeks to be manufactured.

  • Maximum Power = 180 watts RMS (45 Watts x 4 Speakers 4Ω, 14.4V, 1kHz)
  • Digitally Tuned AM/FM Stereo Front End Provides Stable, High Quality Reception
  • All Controls Easily Accessible. Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance, Fader and Tuning from Original Looking Controls
  • Memory Retention (Presets, Fader and Band Settings) more than 40 Years with Power Disconnected
  • 3 RCA Jacks for Left Channel, Right Channel and Sub-Woofer Line Outs
  • 3.5mm Phone Jack for Input from iPod, Satellite Radio or MP3 Player
  • Switch Selectable for 1, 2, 3 or 4 Speakers
  • Switch Selectable for North America or Europe Mode
  • Includes a 6 foot 3.5mm Male-to-Male Auxiliary Cable with Every Radio
  • Bluetooth 3.0 EDR Compliant
  • Built in Microphone for HFP (Hands-Free Profile)
  • HSP, A2DP, AVRCP Profiles Supported
  • Programmable Audio Equalizer
  • Place/Answer Calls or Stream your Favorite Programs While Maintaining Original Appearance!
  • Designed & Assembled In The USA


About Antique Automobile Radio Inc

ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE RADIO, INC., began manufacturing car radio vibrators in 1982. The auto radios of the 30s, 40s and 50s were made by Motorola, Philco, Bendix, Sylvania, RCA, Zenith, Detrola, Wells-Gardner and others, all of whom had either gone out of business or turned their attention to other ventures, and had abandoned the old car market.

At that time, there were no new vibrators available, and the original ones had a life of about 18 months in regular service. We designed a solid state vibrator and produced it in metal cans with the same base and physical dimensions as the originals. The greatest benefit of the solid state design was its long service life. Indeed many of our first vibrators are still in regular service. Today we make over 60 different types of vibrators and ship to every corner of the globe.

As our dealer network expanded, we began to make other hard-to-find parts for older car radios. Dial glass and special speakers that are no longer used were added to our catalog.

As we developed new replacement parts, we were faced with a problem seemingly beyond our control. Our AM audience was leaving. The question our restoration shops and dealers were being asked was "Why bother to restore a radio when there is nothing being broadcast that I want to listen to?"

Our FM Solution

By 1988, we had a solution. We developed a tiny FM "front end" tuner that could be installed inside some radios to provide the FM band without changing the appearance or function of the original radio.

The original FM conversion was redesigned, refined and tweaked many times since then. It could be installed in any radio. It was still the same size as the original, but with the help of new surface mount technology had 3 times as many components. The increased circuit density allowed us to greatly improve performance and simplify installation. The "solution" created a new challenge. Many more radios were being restored than would have been if the FM option were not available. The supply of interstage and output transformers, germanium transistors and other exotic parts, which would be too expensive to tool in small quantities, was rapidly being used up. We designed the Mono 7 amplifier, a complete 7 watt RMS amplifier in a package about the size of the original Delco DS-501 output transistor. This eliminated the need for obsolete germanium output transistors and the hard-to-find output transformers they required.

The Stereo Conversion

With the input and output stages of the radio in production, the next logical step was to replace all of the original electronic circuitry with modern technology. In 1996 we introduced the Stereo Conversion. We use the same IC circuitry as other car radio manufacturers, but with a special interface to allow us to use the original controls and tuning mechanism.

The radio still looks, feels, and is operated the same way as it did when originally manufactured, but the similarity stops when you turn it on! With up to 180 watts RMS of output power and the capability to play in iPods, MP3 players, satellite receivers, or CD players, the performance is thrilling!

In 1994 we completed construction of our new manufacturing facility in Palm Harbor, Florida. We are justifiably proud of our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing capabilities. Our technical staff has over 100 years of combined car audio experience. We are continually evaluating new technologies that can be adapted to our customers' needs.

Vehicle Fitment:

The Vehicle Fitment Guide is to be used as a general reference. The data has been provided by our suppliers and manufacturers and may contain errors or incorrect data. Always refer to a professional to verify correct fitment for your vehicle.
Make Model Years
Chevrolet Corvette 1961 - 1962


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AAR 1961-1962 Chevrolet Corvette Wonderbar AM/FM Reproduction Radio with Bluetooth 452201BT:

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