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HushMat 1964-1965 Porsche 356SC Sound and Thermal Insulation Kit 58060

HushMat 1964-1965 Porsche 356SC  Sound and Thermal Insulation Kit 58060
HushMat 1964-1965 Porsche 356SC  Sound and Thermal Insulation Kit 58060
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Model: 3451145
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Hushmat Complete Year, Make and Model Vehicle Insulation kit covers 100 percent of the area of your vehicles firewall, floor, doors, roof and trunk. HushMat has determined the exact amount of material required for your vehicle.

Reduce that aftermarket engine, exhaust drone, road noise, vibration and the noise that disrupts your ride and reduce the heat that comes from engine, headers, exhaust and catalytic converter with one USA Made material, light weight HushMat Ultra.

In the late 1940?s Ferdinand Porsche decided there was need for speed in a small platform! His Dad?s designed and development of the Volkswagen Beetle provided the genealogy and experience for Jr. to take on this challenge. The concept of the 356 was born ? more horsepower in a light small car! The first 356 was road certified in Austria, June of 1948 and the rest was history. Early aluminum bodies transformed to steel and the Porsche legacy began. Parts historically shared with VW moved to Porsche unique parts. At no point was noise and comfort a part of the design concept. Exceptional handling, aerodynamics and power were Job 1. These attributes clash with noise and comfort. The steel body, low to the ground clearance and high horsepower generate significant interior noise and also heat. This creates an uncomfortable driving and passenger experience. It is virtually impossible to speak on a cell phone or hold a conversation without yelling. HushMat lowers this noise floor and heat over 50 percent. HushMats light weight sound deadening and thermal insulation material is designed to bond to the floor pan, firewall, tunnel, doors, roof and also the forward trunk. HushMat?s self-adhesive material forms and molds to the uneven sheet metal insulates 100 percent of the vehicle. HushMat has done the extensive work to measure and package pre-sized kits for your 356. HushMat trims easily with household scissors or a box knife. If you have modified any section of the original sheet metal Hushmat can be easily trimmed to fit. HushMat is available in either Stealth Black foil or Silver Aluminum foil. Both work and perform exactly the same.


Vehicle Fitment:

The Vehicle Fitment Guide is to be used as a general reference. The data has been provided by our suppliers and manufacturers and may contain errors or incorrect data. Always refer to a professional to verify correct fitment for your vehicle.
Make Model Years
Porsche 356SC 1964 - 1965


Cold Flexibility Can be bent around 25 mm. mandrel at -30 degrees C with no cracking or loss of adhesion
Color Polymer - Black; Backing - Silver
Flammability Tested per FMVSS 302, HushMat Ultra is self-extinguishing and meets all aspects of the standard
Hardness 6.5 - 9.0mm ?ASTM D-5
Part Type Thermal Acoustic Insulation
Peel Strength Tested in 90 degree peel at a crosshead speed of 300mm per minute on a 25 mm wide test specimen. Average load in Newtons is reported.
R-Value 7
Safety HushMat Ultra is not considered a hazardous material. Care should be used in handling to avoid cuts from the foil. Gloves are recommended. The Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request and should be read and understood before using this product.
Shelf Life At least 6 months when stored at 40 degrees C or less
Specific Gravity 1.47 (approx. 0.47 pounds per square foot)
Temperature Resistance HUSHMAT ULTRA will withstand a bake of 1 hour at 240 degrees C with no deformation, sag, or flow when baked in horizontal, vertical or inverted positions.
Thickness 1.5mm
Warranty Seller warrants marketable title to the Product, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. Seller makes no other express or implied warranties beyond that stated on quoted product, statutory or otherwise.


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