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HushMat Sound and Thermal Insulation Kit 61314

HushMat  Sound and Thermal Insulation Kit 61314
HushMat  Sound and Thermal Insulation Kit 61314
$1,846.99 ea
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Model: 3451436
Select a Vehicle or refer to the Vehicle Fitment Tab below to verify that this part fits your vehicle.

Hushmat Complete Year, Make and Model Vehicle Insulation kit covers 100 percent of the area of your vehicles firewall, floor, doors, roof and trunk. HushMat has determined the exact amount of material required for your vehicle.

Reduce that aftermarket engine, exhaust drone, road noise, vibration and the noise that disrupts your ride and reduce the heat that comes from engine, headers, exhaust and catalytic converter with one USA Made material light weight HushMat Ultra

Utility, workload and convenience are earmarks of the Pick Up styling. Most Pick Ups have inadequate sound and thermal insulating material built into them at the factory. You can reduce interior noise and heat in your Pick Up with one material. HushMat sound deadening and thermal insulation enhances the experience with the easiest to install sound deadening material. Your Pick Up is fun to drive, but in the summer it gets hot. If you use your light truck for work you are constantly in and out of it. There is over 200 degrees of heat cooking your firewall and floor pan. Your engine, headers, manifold and exhaust generate tremendous heat that transfers to the metal firewall and floor and this heats up your Pick Up interior. It can create a very uncomfortable ride, especially in the summer. This also forces your AC system to work harder. HushMat automotive insulation is the solution to REDUCE thermal transfer into your interior. HushMat is proven in an independent study to lower this temperature by over 40 percent. When you drive on the highway at approximately 65 miles per hour the interior of your Pick Up is approaching 80 to 90 decibels of noise. That is like placing a vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal running on your passenger seat. When you drive on the highway and then exit. At the end of the exit ramp the first thing you do is turn down your radio or music because it was too loud. HushMat sound deadening mat leads the automotive sound deadening industry in ease of installation. Hushmat is packaged specifically for your Pick Up to provide 100 percent insulation coverage, there are no holes in the material and no puzzle pieces to put together. Simply apply the HushMat material as shown in the Installation Guide to provide the car sound deadening and auto heat shield you deserve. Treat your firewall, doors, floor, tunnel, rear wheel wells, trunk floor and roof with this complete kit.


Vehicle Fitment:

The Vehicle Fitment Guide is to be used as a general reference. The data has been provided by our suppliers and manufacturers and may contain errors or incorrect data. Always refer to a professional to verify correct fitment for your vehicle.
Make Model Submodel Years
Ford F-150 Custom 1992
Ford F-150 Eddie Bauer 1995 - 1996
Ford F-150 Lightning 1993 - 1995
Ford F-150 Special 1995 - 1996
Ford F-150 XLT Lariat 1992
Ford F-150 XLT 1992 - 1996
Ford F-150 XL 1992 - 1996
Ford F-250 Base 1995
Ford F-250 Custom 1992 - 1993
Ford F-250 Eddie Bauer 1995 - 1996
Ford F-250 Ranger 1992 - 1994
Ford F-250 Special 1995 - 1996
Ford F-250 XLT Lariat 1992
Ford F-250 XLT VIP 1996
Ford F-250 XLT 1993 - 1996
Ford F-250 XL 1992 - 1996
Ford F-350 Base 1992 - 1996
Ford F-350 Custom 1992
Ford F-350 Eddie Bauer 1995
Ford F-350 Special 1995 - 1996
Ford F-350 XLT Lariat 1992
Ford F-350 XLT 1993 - 1996
Ford F-350 XL 1992 - 1996


Part Type Thermal Acoustic Insulation
Warranty Seller warrants marketable title to the Product, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. Seller makes no other express or implied warranties beyond that stated on quoted product, statutory or otherwise.


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